Enjoy your stay in one of our 3 dream houses on the Mama Mia island Skopelos

I first came to Skopelos on August 14, 1984, unaware that this was the eve of the most important holiday in Greece, August 15, the day of Holy Mary ! There wasn’t a free room to be found anywhere on the island. I spent the night under a lemon tree in the courtyard of a house of a hospitable Greek family, who had already offered everything till their last sofa to the Athens branch of the family.The next morning I was up before dawn, drinking hot coffee and eating my first honey balls and cheese pie on the paralia. I didn’t know whether my stomach ached from not sleeping well or whether I was struck by the beauty of the surroundings and the friendly inhabitants. It immediately felt as if I wanted to make part of the island life and live there! Decades later my favorite island was selected as the island were the Mama Mia movie was filmed. I am happy to share my houses with you for rent, along with my passion for beautiful Skopelos.   

Kathleen Goethals.